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EVlink Pro AC

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EVlink Pro AC and Pro AC Metal

EVlink Pro AC

Brand: Schneider Electric
Type of socketDomestic socketOutput currentPower kWNumber of phasesEmbedded protectionEmbedded protectionProtection suppliedEmbedded MID meterPART NO.QuantityAdd To Baskit
Att T2-32 A7.11PHRDC-DD 6 mAMNx--EVB3S07NCO
T2S-32 A7.41PHRDC-DD 6 mAMNx-YesEVB3S07N40M
T2S-32 A7.41PHRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx-YesEVB3S07N4AM
T2STE32 A7.41PHRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx-YesEVB3S07N4EAM
Att T2-32 A7.41PHRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx-YesEVB3S07NCAM
T2S-32 A7.41PHRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx--EVB3S07N4A
T2STE32 A7.41PHRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx--EVB3S07N4EA
Att T2-32 A7.41PHRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx--EVB3S07NCA
T2STE32 A7.41PHRDC-DD 6mA---EVB3S07N4E1
T2S-32 A7.41PHRDC-DD 6mA---EVB3S07N41
T2S-16 A113PhRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx--EVB3S11N4A
Att T2-16 A113PhRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx--EVB3S11NCA
Att T2-32 A223PhRDC-DD 6mAMNx--EVB3S22NCO
T2S-32 A223PhRDC-DD 6mAMNx--EVB3S22N4
T2S-32 A223PhRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx--EVB3S22N4A
Att T2-32 A223PhRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx--EVB3S22NCA
T2STE32 A223PhRDC-DD 6 mA + RCD Asi 30 mAMNx--EVB3S22N4EA
T2S-32 A223PhRCD B EVMNx--EVB3S22N4B
Att T2-32 A223PhRCD B EVMNx--EVB3S22NCB
T2STE32 A223PhRDC-DD 6mA---EVB3S22N4E1
T2S-32 A223PhRDC-DD 6mA---EVB3S22N41
T2S-32 A223PhRDC-DD 6mA--YesEVB3S22N40M
T2STE32 A223PhRDC-DD 6mA--YesEVB3S22N40EM
T2STE32 A223PhRDC-DD 6mA--YesEVB3S22N40FM
Att T2-32 A223PhRDC-DD 6mA--YesEVB3S22NCOM

Power supply network

220 - 240 V AC single-phase - 50/60 Hz for 7.4 kW charging stations

380 - 415 V AC three-phase - 50/60 Hz for 11 and 22 kW charging stations

Material: Aluminium, PVCStandard: BS:EN 755-5PVC Colour: BS 5252 (green to BS 6746C)

Earthing system


3 phases versions with embedded RCD (A or B) are not compliant with single phase distribution or 3x230 Vac (ph-ph) distribution

EVlink Pro AC is compatible with IT single-phase network only, and is not compatible with 400V 3-phase IT network

Rated charging current

T2S socket outlet with shutters and silver-plated contacts: 16 A to 32 A (factory setting: 32 A)

TE or TF domestic socket-outlet: 10 A

T2 attached cable, length 5 meters: 16 A to 32 A

Socket-outlet on the front

Mechanical and environmental characteristics

Ingress protection code: suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • IP55 with T2S socket-outlet
  • IP55 with attached cable
  • IP54 with domestic socket

Impact protection code: IK10

Ambient air temperature for operation: -30°C to +50°C (+40°C for EVlink Pro AC with embedded RCD type Asi)

Ambient air temperature for storage: -40°C to +80°C (+70°C for EVlink Pro AC with embedded RCD type Asi

Energy management options:

  • via digital inputs: limited current, postponed/suspended charge
  • dynamic energy management combined with TIC interface with French utility meter or universal energy meter

EV presence detection via digital input

Access control modes

Free access

User authentication through RFID or NFC badge

  • NFC 13.56 MHz reader compatible with type 1, 2, 4 and 5 badges
  • RFID reader:
  • conforming to ISO/IEC 14443 A and B and ISO/IEC 15693 protocols
  • compatible with Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus

Embedded protection and metering

(depending on commercial references)

Earth leakage protection: RDC-DD 6 mA + RCD type Asi 30 mA or RCD type B-EV

Undervoltage tripping auxiliary MNx

MID energy meter

Metering board and CTs 1% accuracy

Easy to install and commission

Wall mounting or floor standing

1 or 2 charging stations on the same pedestal

Parameter setting through eSetup app via Bluetooth or EcoStruxure EV Charging Exper

Versatile connection to a supervision

Wired Ethernet: 2 ports (1 for daisy chain)

Connection through embedded or external 3G/4G modem as an accessory

OCPP 1.6 Json Smart Charging interface


  • Worldwide customer care center
  • Additional 1- or 3-year Warranty Extension
  • On-site or remote commissioning support
  • Services Plan
  • Schneider Electric manufactured spare parts
  • Advanced on-site training
  • Worldwide network of partners providing on-site installation, commissioning and maintenance services