Charging station, EVlink Pro AC/ AC Metal, 7.4kW, 32A, 1P+N, T2S socket-outlet, RDC-DD 6mA, RCD Asi 30mA, MNx aux

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EVlink Pro AC and Pro AC Metal

Charging station, EVlink Pro AC/ AC Metal, 7.4kW, 32A, 1P+N, T2S socket outlet, RDC DD 6mA, RCD Asi 30mA, MNx aux


Brand: Schneider Electric

Add Charging station, EVlink Pro AC/ AC Metal, 7.4kW, 32A, 1P+N, T2S socket-outlet, RDC-DD 6mA, RCD Asi 30mA, MNx aux to Cart :

product nameEVlink Pro AC
Product or component typecharging station
Device short nameEVB3
Communication network typeEthernet
3G/4G modem optional
Modbus TCP
Connector type2 RJ45 for Ethernet LAN connection
Communication port protocolOCPP 1.6
Communication serviceJSON smart charging for OCPP 1.6
Operating modeClustered architecture
Function availableCharge detail records
Load management
Diagnosis capabilities
Software updates

Range compatibilityEVlink (EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert)
EVlink (EVlink Pro AC Metal)
EcoStruxure (EcoStruxure EV Advisor)
Type of installationIndoor
Provided equipment1 residual direct current detection device (RDC-DD) integrated
1 residual current device (RCD) integrated
1 MNx auxiliary contact integrated
1 energy meter
Accuracy class of energy meterClass 1
Protection device typeResidual direct current detection device (RDC-DD) - 6 mA
Residual current device (RCD) - 30 mAtype A-SI (Super Immunised)
Poles description1P + N for power circuit
Mounting modeWall-mounted
Wall-mounted (kit enclosure)
Floor-standing (pedestal)
Floor-standing (kit enclosure)
Mounting supportPedestal, to be ordered separately
Kit enclosure, to be ordered separately
Cable entryBottom entry
Top entry
Rear entry
[Us] rated supply voltage220...240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Nominal output power7.4 kW 32 A 222...240 V
Socket number1
Output typeFront side T2 with shutter socket-outlet / silver plated contacts
Access control systemBadge RFID conforming to ISO/IEC 14443 A and B
Badge RFID conforming to ISO/IEC 15693
Badge NFC
Free access
RFID compatible technologyMIFARE Classic
MIFARE Ultralight
NFC frequency13.56 MHz
NFC tag typeType 1
Type 2
Type 4
Type 5
Earthing systemTT
IT (single phase network only allowed, 400V 3 phases network forbidden)
Number of inputs3
Input typeBinary for power limitation closing contact
Binary for delayed charging closing contact
Binary for vehicle detection closing contact
Control typecan be controlled by remote
Local signalling1 green LED light strip, function: available
1 blue LED light strip, function: charging
1 red LED light strip, function: fault indication
StandardsEN/IEC 61851-1:ed. 3
EN/IEC 62196-1:ed. 2
EN/IEC 62196-2:ed. 1
EN 61000-6-2:2019
EN 61000-6-3:2007
EN 61000-6-3:2011/A1
IEC 60884-1
NF C 61314
ISO 15118
Product certificationsEV Ready
IP degree of protectionIP55
IK degree of protectionIK10
Ambient air temperature for operation-30…45 °C
Ambient air temperature for storage-40…80 °C
Relative humidity5…95 %
Operating altitude2000 m without derating
Height529 mm
Width317 mm
Depth153 mm
Net weight7.2 kg
ColourFront face: white (RAL 9003)
Housing: dark grey (RAL 7016)
Back part: black (RAL 9005)

Unit Type of Package 1PCE
Number of Units in Package 11
Package 1 Height28.5 cm
Package 1 Width35.5 cm
Package 1 Length57.5 cm
Package 1 Weight8.53 kg
Unit Type of Package 2P06
Number of Units in Package 24
Package 2 Height73.0 cm
Package 2 Width60.0 cm
Package 2 Length80.0 cm
Package 2 Weight40.0 kg

Warranty18 months